Going camping doesn’t have to mean being inconvenienced every second. In fact, it can be a luxurious experience, if you bring the right camping gear.

A mobile cooking station can do nearly anything that your stovetop can, so why not bring along a few pots and pans and make some real food? And if you’re going to do that, bring a folding table and a few chairs. There’s no reason to try to balance your plates on your knees while you get smoke in your eyes at the campfire. A disposable tablecloth is a nice addition, too.

For a good night sleep, you can have an air mattress and avoid sleeping on the ground, too. Just make sure that your combination is good and stable; the last thing you need is to go sliding out of bed in the middle of the night.
You can also bring a bathroom along. The good news is that there are convenient, innovative gadgets designed to cover just about everything your bathroom does (except flush, of course). You can get a portable toilet, which saves you from the indignity of squatting. There’s nothing whatsoever luxurious about squatting, after all.

An outdoor portable sink is another must-have. You have no idea how many times you’re going to want to wash your hands while camping. Outdoor portable sinks do not need any plumbing. There are self-contained units with fresh water and waste water tanks located conveniently in the sink cabinet. The foot pump model features cold water and there is no need for electricity. Some outdoor portable sinks, like the Ozark River Portable Sink, require an 110V outlet and then you just plug in and you get instant hot water! With large fresh water and waste water tanks, you can get approximately 40 15-second hand washings from these portable sinks. Outdoor portable sinks really enhance the outdoor camping experience!

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