Choosing a Portable Sink for Your Concession Stand
If you’ve decided to jump on the concession stand bandwagon, you’ll need to outfit your stand with a portable hand washing sink. Aside from the fact that a portable sink is very useful, it’s also very likely to be an absolute requirement in order to serve food, per your regional health department. Portable sinks can be a significant investment, especially for those who are just starting out. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing your portable sink:
1. Outdoor, Indoor, or Both?
If your concession is completely self-contained, an indoor portable sink might be just fine. If it’s not, an outdoor portable sink may be better. Indoor sinks tend to be a bit more attractive, but a lot less rugged. Of course, there are also sturdy indoor sinks and appealing outdoor ones. If it’s important that you have both qualities, shop very carefully. Find a seller that knows the brands they sell very well.
2. Hot or Not?
Whether or not you need hot water might not be up to you—check your health department regulations. If it is up to you, consider getting a hot water sink, anyway, since it conforms to health and safety regulations for proper hand washing.
3. Who will be using it?
If the sink is for use strictly by yourself and your employees, there are a lot of factors you might not care about. If it’s for customers to use as well, you might want to put some more consideration in to the sink’s appearance, height, accessibility, and sturdiness.

Choosing a Portable Sink Seller
It’s just as important to choose a good portable sink vendor as it is to choose a good portable sink. You should choose a seller that can help you choose the right sink. You’ll know that they’re able to do that, because they’ll ask you pertinent questions about your needs, and they’ll show you sinks that meet those needs. A great seller concentrates more on customer service than trying to pressure you into a sale. They’ll be happy to answer as many questions as you have, and to explain anything you need to have explained.
You’ll want to choose a seller that carries high quality brands, as well. Even inexpensive portable sinks are an investment, so you want to buy one that’s going to last. The brands a seller stocks reflects on them as well. Inquire about warranties. Is there a manufacturer’s warranty? Do the sellers offer theirs as well? If the seller doesn’t mention this, ask them.
Finally, does it seem like the seller has a good grasp on the regulations which food service portable sinks must comply with? It can be helpful to have an informative discussion with your seller to make sure that the products conforms to the applicable regulations. This way you can reduce the chances of not getting the sign-off from your health and safety inspector when they come to inspect your facility. takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality of portable sink as well as excellent customer service.

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