All of our Ozark River Portable Sinks feature an on-demand water heater. This means that you get instant hot water as you would with a traditional sink, hooked up to stationary plumbing. These portable hand washing units allow hot water hand washing where hard plumbing is not available or an less expensive alternative is sought.

The FDA recommends washing dishes at 110 degrees as one of the steps to get ride of harmful bacteria. Our Ozark River Portable Sinks all feature a scald-guard that will not allow the water temperature to exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The normal temperature range for the heater is a safe 105-120 degrees Fahrenheit — perfect for hand washing. Temperature mixing is achieved by normal operation of the hot and cold handles, just like a standard sink.

We also offer Ozark River’s EZ-Flow Hands-Free Faucet which can be attached to our Ozark River Portable Sinks for a hands-free hand washing experience. The EZ-Flow Hands-Free Faucet is great for use with diaper changing stations, food preparation areas or anywhere hands-free operation would be preferable. It comes with an override switch so that you can also turn the water on or off manually if you do not wish to use the sensor unit.

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