Many communities across the United States are very focused on improving the overall health of their community. One of the most important areas to reflect increased attention is to provide mobile health care centers for the community, to bring healthcare services directly to neighborhoods and schools. Some of the services that these mobile health care centers might include physical examinations, vision and hearing screenings, and immunizations.

One vital element of these mobile health care centers includes providing a sanitary hand-washing experience for the medial professionals as well as for their patients. Our Ozark River Portable Sinks can be found on many mobile health care centers across the United States. Our Ozark River Premier Portable Hot Water Sinks features instant hot water technology and the water pump meets UL, CSA and NSF standards. The units are on wheels for easy mobility and have two front locking casters. No drain is needed and no plumbing is required. Just add water, plug in and turn on.

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