Steramine Portable Sink Quaternary Express Pack

Steramine Portable Sink Quaternary Express Pack


Steramine Portable Sink Quaternary Sanitizer Starter Kit includes:

  • 10 – 1 oz. Steramine Packets
  • Express Pack


Additional Details:

  • Manufacturer: Ozark River
  • Product ID: AC-10-SXP
  • MSRP: $27.95


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Steramine Portable Sink Quaternary Express Pack

Steramine® is recommended to keep your Ozark River Portable Sink® hot water system free from bacteria and odor causing germs. Steramine® mixes instantly in cold or warm water, no waiting or guessing. Steramine Sanitizer Starter Kit includes: Spray bottle, Express Pack (10 quantity) and 5-gallon container with spigot.

Why Replace Bleach Solution with STERAMINE?

Steramine offers many advantages when compared to typical bleach sanitizing solution:

Eliminate Daily Mixing

Mix a 1 oz. Steramine packet with water in the 4-gallon dispensing container and you can apportion solution until completely used, unlike chlorine mixtures which dissipate, requiring daily mixing.

Stain Free Sanitizing

Differing from concentrated chlorine, Steramine is stain-free sanitizing with a fresh, clean scent.

Proper Concentration Levels

Steramine is supplied in pre-measured packets to enable precise blending and prevent over or under concentration of solution. Quaternary test strips assure proper levels.

Less Storage Space

Store the pre-measured packets and mix when needed, requiring less shelf space. Each packet makes four gallons of sanitizing solution.


Weight 3.0 lbs