We are proud to carry a full line of Ozark River portable sinks and accessories. Ozark River® has committed time and capital to supporting an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Ozark River® has completely redesigned their manufacturing facility to ensure that it is environmentally friendly. Ozark River® improved the energy efficiency by adding wood scrap burning capabilities that heat one half of the manufacturing plant plus they invested in superior insulation. Ozark River® replaced all the fixtures and light bulbs with low energy models and they even shut down part of the plant that is not in use during a particular shift.

Ozark River’s® portable sinks are models of efficiency and conservation. First, because of their design, water is heated only when the portable hand sink is used, making energy use minimal. Second, Ozark River’s® portable sinks dispense only half a gallon of water per minute, complying with strict water usage regulations while providing a perfect stream of water pressure. Third, Ozark River® packages their portable sinks in 100% recyclable materials, adding nothing to landfills. Therefore, Ozark River’s® portable sinks have been certified as “Living Green” products.

So know that every time you wash your hands in one of the Ozark River® Living Green-certified hot water portable sinks, you are doing your part to ensure a cleaner Earth.

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